Sunday, October 01, 2006

Signing Out from the man with the plan Lostkodes

Ok people this is my last proper Lost Experience post, i may use this blog if there is a TLE2 or for random lost related stuff.

I don't know if you began TLE at the very first hanso advert as i did and was hooked straight away, or you heard of it half way through all of it, but i think we can all agree that it was a success and it brought alot of lost fans together. For me it was great fun decifering all the clues and problems, but the best part was all the friends i made throughout. However on the game its self my favorite bit contrary to what alot of people think is the Rachel Blake blog as we found out more answers then we did with the orginal stage of the Hanso Foundation Hacks, and on the glyph hunt it was definately to long and just seemed like a filler with an anti climatic video at the end which was worked out by most of us anyways. The Apollo bars were also a nice idea as it felt to me that we were really part of it when we were on Where Is Alvar?.

However the greatest aspect of the TLE was DJ Dan, who brought so much life and energy to the experience.

Before i go i have a few thanks to say firstly to the officail Bloggers Speaker, The LOST Ninja and The Other Girl who all made this game great and finally to all of you who made this fun and enjoyable you know who you are.

So if you want to stay in contact with me Add me to myspace or Yahoo Instant Messenger

YIM: lostkodes

I look forward to hearing from you and for the final time Goodbye

There he goes the intrepid warrior LOSTKODES


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