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First off i'm sorry this is s late i have been haveing so many problems with my internet but everything seems to be alright now.
Ok the picture on the left is of the DJ Dan cast, featuring Johnny (in the baseball cap), Rachel Blake (to the right of Johnny), Tonya (below Rachel) and Dj Dan (holding the megaphone).

As there is so much to write about this podcast i'am gonna copy the lostpedia entry. I know i know im lazy yeah but well here you go (ps. They also have the transcript of the podcast) (pps. the lost experience clues have a copy of the podcast click here for the download click here)

DJ Dan's Second Live Broadcast

On September 24, 2006, 8 PM LST, DJ Dan hosted a second live call-in podcast lasting approximately an hour and a half. Callers included many dedicated regulars and culminated in Rachel Blake refering us to to see her Norway Video.

Part 1

DJ Dan argues that The Lost Experience is 'reality', and that the Lost writers are perpetrating a hoax.

Theories shot down by DJ Dan (that he says are NOT true)
Nanites, once AGAIN
John Locke is Charles Widmore's Bad Twin (by someone trying to impersonate the real Speaker)
Rachel Blake is not really Persephone
Rachel was the "employee of the Foundation" (or at least Marvin the Earthling goes crazy at the thought, he says she worked for Widmore)
Dan feels that the Valenzetti Equation should be shared with the whole world, and that The Hanso Foundation should let the public see Gary Troup's book.
Geronimo Jackson's first album is exceedingly rare and likely not locatable.
DJ Dan ate 5 Apollo Bars, and believes there are evil ingredients. He had Louis (who apparently is a roadie with a PhD) do an analysis, and lists the secret addictive ingredients as: Lymon, xanthum gum, parsley, donut extract, and M*A*S*H reruns.
Rachel Blake comes on in the last 15 minutes
She attempts to explain some of the inconsistencies, such as the problem with the maps, how Comic Con panelists got glyphs
A 'caller' claims to be listening in on a secure police line, and DJ Dan patches him through; The Hanso Foundation raid is broadcast live, but Mittelwerk has set a trap and blows up the building, escaping.
She introduces the Norway Video, which explains how she met Alvar Hanso in person, and what he revealed to her.

Songs Played
"For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield.
"Trampled Underfoot" by Led Zeppelin
"The Loner" by Neil Young
"Take a Bow" by Muse


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