Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hanso Foundation update and The Norway Video

Ok so shortly after the final DJ Dan Live Podcast with Rachel Blake and release of the Norway Video, a statement from Alvar Hanso himslef was found on the main page of The Hanso Foundation September 26th. This explanatory messsage issues his "endless regret and assurance...that the work of the Hanso Foundation has always been intended to bring rebirth to a dying land and a dying people." Thanks to his daughter, Rachel Blake, and the contributors to her cause, Hanso was freed to "dedicate his life and his building a future that can support, enrich, and cradle us all in peace and joy." However clicking on the word 'humanity' in the letter (end of the 3rd paragraph) changes the page to a picture of Mittlewerk saying "You've taken a battle, but that's all it was - a battle. Humanity needs me, now more than ever. I have the virus, I have the will and I will not fail."

Sorry guys and gals i tried putting up the final Rachel Blake video minus the Sri Lanka video at the beginning but it woudn't let me. Nevermind but here is a link to it on you tube


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