Friday, August 25, 2006

Sandy Glyph and many more

So today was a good day for glyphs as 4 have been found including the mysterious glyph #42, so here is my list of the glyphs and where to find them.

The first glyph has been found at by clicking on the Lost link

Glyph : zftlzago014h

The second glyph (#42) was found in Lostpedia. A username Rachel Blake was created. On the page is morse code for "WHAT LINKS HERE 0X2A". This means 42. Under "what links here" (LostPedia tool option) for article, 42 is Hackallbeer. Hidden (as a HTML comment) is a link to here

Glyph: VE5SMC

The third glyph was on DJ Dan's Eyes On The Man page, in a flash file at the bottom, which is only revealed when you have your mouse on it

Glyph : GZ2I

The fourth glyph was On the main United States page of Monster dot com, take the "LOST poll". On results, the top banner discusses "tropictravel" and shows the Hanso Foundation logo

Glyph: Tropics

* Today's code for you UK losties is Rachel Blake

* To find out about my Apollo adventure scroll down a post


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