Friday, August 18, 2006

Here We Go

So here is the catch up on glyphs from the begining:

1. 7HKBH (Located on the main page of
2. RRGYXS (Located on the instruction page of
3. 4ho (Damon Lindelof's Wristband at Comi-Con, which was subsiquently confirmed by Speaker)
4. 748L (Located on Rachel's blog)
5. ohge (Located on Speakers blog - on one of the panelist's wristbands at Comic Con)
6. FVH7N (Located on Speakers Blog)
7. 88CH (Located on Ninja's Blog)
8. 1EY8AZCZNA2 (Located on Ninja's Blog)
9. VDADOS7YRE0 (Located on Ninja's Blog)
10. 3GTVI0M11 (Located on
11. IG3X (Located in offical UK Lost podcast)
12. XIGZ2Y10S2 (Located on Rachel's cover blog)
13. GMX18BCJ (Located on DJ Dan's site)
14. 4KVKLAYDM0 (Located in a post on ITE)
15. 3ZGT (Located on the Fuselage)
16. M6XY398 (Located on Ninja's blog)
17. ZY6C (Located on Speaker's week 3 round up)
18. 7TI (Located on Official USA Lost magazine)
19. RXMHJH9Y (Located on Official UK Lost magazine)
20. RGMR (Located on Channel 4 Music site)
21. VIX7ZXT97 (Located on the Official Lost podcast)
22. 89RMCOCDC6D (Located on Gary Troup's Bad Twin site)
23. 750NZF8X (Located on Channel 4 mobile portal)
24. vou8vpnps5x (Located in the window of a comic shop in Sydney, Pitt Street)
25. nz59 (Located on Lost Ninjas blog)
26. E82KNI8L (Located in an anonymous comment on Speaker's blog)
27. 90VDHOHU (Located in DJ Dan's merchandise page)

28. NANITE (found on page 49 of People magazine in a Sprite ad)
29. Not Yet Found
30. KU12PB5LV7 (On Rachel Blake's real blog. Under the image for Glyph 748L, the glyph is hidden with Macromedia Flash)
31. 5BE (in a advert)
32. E2LL1Z5E (On Rachel Blake's website , linked under Sri Lanka)
33. R3PUX4 (On a wall in Sydney at the Jeffreys Street Wharf)
34. GLLV8B (On a shirt worn by David Penuel - Administrator from TLEC - in a commercial)
35. gmiwrlhhnhm (
36. tribalwars (Jeep ad in People Mag)
37. 4R19Y0UXB6Y DJ Dan taped this to the front door of the building he conducted his live podcast from.
38. chocolates (Entertainment Weekly)
39. A0Y8 (Times Square code)
40. 56LHZJDCL7A4 On Ninja's blog
41. XWZW On an E4 commercial
42. Not Yet Found
43. 44ku2vkq (found on a sculpture in sydney)


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