Friday, August 04, 2006

A catch up on all the glyphs and codes

As it says this is a catch up on all the glyphs and codes found so far....

1. 7HKBH (Located on the main page of
2. RRGYXS (Located on the instruction page of
3. 4ho (Damon Lindelof's Wristband at Comi-Con, which was subsiquently confirmed by Speaker)
4. 748L (Located on Rachel's blog)
5. ohge (Located on Speakers blog - on one of the panelist's wristbands at Comic Con)
6. FVH7N (Located on Speakers Blog)
7. 88CH (Located on Ninja's Blog)
8. 1EY8AZCZNA2 (Located on Ninja's Blog)
9. VDADOS7YRE0 (Located on Ninja's Blog)
10. 3GTVI0M11 (Located on
11. IG3X (Located in offical UK Lost podcast)
12. XIGZ2Y10S2 (Located on Rachel's cover blog)
13. GMX18BCJ (Located on DJ Dan's site)
14. 4KVKLAYDM0 (Located in a post on ITE)
15. 3ZGT (Located on the Fuselage)
16. M6XY398 (Located on Ninja's blog)
17. ZY6C (Located on Speaker's week 3 round up)
18. 7TI (Located on Official USA Lost magazine)
19. RXMHJH9Y (Located on Official UK Lost magazine)
20. RGMR (Located on Channel 4 Music site)
21. VIX7ZXT97 (Located on the Official Lost podcast)
22. 89RMCOCDC6D (Located on Gary Troup's Bad Twin site)
23. 750NZF8X (Located on Channel 4 mobile portal)
24. vou8vpnps5x (Located in the window of a comic shop in Sydney, Pitt Street)
25. nz59 (Located on Lost Ninjas blog)
26. E82KNI8L (Located in an anonymous comment on Speaker's blog)
27. 90VDHOHU (Located in DJ Dan's merchandise page)

Thanks to The Other Girls Channel 4 lost blog which i used for the infomation.


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