Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Apollo has finally landed !!!!

Well as you all know the distribution of the Apollo bars began and I know some of you who could make it, went down to your local Forbidden Planet as I did or you went to the NYC event today. When I arrived at the Forbidden Planet Store in London I thought I might as well have a look round as I've never been there before, but I was to excited about the Apollo bars that I queued up almost straight away. When i finally arrived at the counter after what had seemed to be an hour wait, i quietly asked the lady who worked there if i could have an Apollo bar and she looked both ways as if someone was listening in and whispered "What's the password" and I repiled with no regard for the secrecy that the lady had imposed "ALVAR HANSO". So she wandered off to her Apollo fridge and pulled out a small bar and i put it in my bag. Somehow i was able to bottle up my excitement about the bar until i got home so i could look at it properly. After inspecting the wrapper where i found nothing out of the ordinary i opened up the bar and found printed on the bar

Dun dun dun

Which was what many of us had predicted that it would say, so i logged on to the site and instantly followed all the instructions and uploaded my picture of my very own Apollo bar ( Top Left).
So for all you getting your bars in the UK over the next couple of days remember to check out the Apollo site for your daily code


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